Posted by formed on 12 January 2018

7 ways to keep your business secure in 2018

7 ways to keep your business secure in 2018 Here our Security & Alarm expert Richard Anthony gives some advice on Business Security: Keeping your premises safe is one of the biggest concerns of all business owners. Burglary is one of the most common crimes to affect a business and the impact can be far reaching. Here’s how you can update your Business Security to keep things safe and sound...

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Posted by formed on 19 December 2017

Why good footage is important

Why good CCTV footage is important When you first look at installing CCTV security, you often just try to cover all bases quickly, this means that your cameras are not the best. We look at why it is important to gather good footage from the setup you have and how you can improve it. Black and white When crime is committed, gathering evidence is important if we are to catch...

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